The Indonesian name of palm trees. A plant that brings so many benefits to the people and can be used for food and beverage ingredients, or even construction material. This pattern resembles the dream of KITA as a brand that can bring many benefits to people.


Inspired by the history of the Banda Sea of Indonesia: The trade route that connects the archipelago with the world. We hope this pattern will also connect the story of Indonesian craftsmanship to the world.


Inspired by Dayak’s people in Borneo, the Banjar pattern reincarnates one of the ancient cultures of Indonesia. From the richness, the inspiration, and the story. It is a long and beautiful journey to the past.


This series is inspired by the leaf of Semanggi (clover) which is known to bring hope, luck, and happiness. It also became the inspiration for one of the first mega projects in post-Independence Indonesia: Semanggi flyover in Jakarta.